Executive Committee

Your Fourth Congressional District Democratic Committee Executive Committee met on Saturday, February 19, in serene Selah.  Your Executive Committee members are:

  • George Fearing                                   Chair
  • Barb Caylor                                         Vice Chair
  • Jim Cole                                              Vice Chair
  • Malackay Betor                                   Secretary
  • Margie Van Cleve                               Treasurer
  • Ralph Crowl                                        Media
  • Kendall Miller                                     Website and Drinking Liberally Coordinator
  • Brad Taylor                                         Fundraising Chair
  • Art Klym                                             Parliamentarian – Bylaws Committee
  • Open                                                   Affirmative Action Chair
  • Open                                                   Young Democrats Coordinator

Please note that we continue to look for an affirmative action chair and a Young Democrats Coordinator.  For geographical balance, I would like for the individuals holding these positions to hail from Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Klickitat, or Skamania Counties.


During its Executive Committee meeting, the committee reviewed an eastern Washington proposed billboard and yard sign campaign whereby we seek $50,000 from the state party.  The billboards and signs will focus on the important programs of Medicare and Social Security, which Doc and the Republicans seek to dismantle.  Attached are mock up billboards and yard signs.

Media Campaign

The Executive Committee intends to raise $75,000 for a campaign to promote Democratic Party values and educate the public on the flaws of our current congressman.  The $75,000 will be in addition to the money received for the billboard and yard sign campaign.  Because the state party may fund the billboard and yard sign campaign, the Executive Committee decided to focus the $75,000 on cutting edge technology and young people’s communication forms – the Internet, a Facebook page, You Tube, and Twitter.  In addition, the funds will go to mailing brochures.  If the committee raises beyond its goal, money may be expended for radio public service announcements.

We have raised $1,300 of the $75,000 goal.  We have $73,700 more to raise!  I will be contacting you for a donation.

On February 19, the Executive Committee voted to recommend to the full committee expending up to $1,500 to hire a firm to redesign and manage our website, create and manage a Facebook site, create and manage a You Tube site, and create and manage a Twitter site.  We anticipate the cost of the initial work and the maintaining of the sites for three months to be $1,250.  We likely will spend additional sums thereafter for maintenance of the sites.

We plan to sponsor a “Best Doc Commercial” for people to produce short spots about Doc Hastings to be aired on the You Tube sight.  Please also send us photographs of Democratic functions and historic events to place on our Facebook and Website.

The Website will contain an area for blogging.

Voter Registration Campaign

High school seniors in the Tri-Cities area will engage in a interschool competition with the goal of registering the most seniors.  Prizes will include scholarships.  At the end of the competition, the schools will meet for a party. 

The Executive Committee voted to donate $200 to this worthy voter registration drive.  The committee already received pledges of $200 to reimburse the committee for the donation.  The Executive Committee has invited the Franklin County Republicans to donate to the worthy cause.  The Republicans have not yet responded.  Surprise!!

Because the expenditure is less than $500 the Executive Committee had authority to approve the expenditure without full committee approval.


As of January 1, 2011, the Fourth Congressional District Democratic Committee treasury held $1,081.24. On January 18, the committee received $185 in dues. Since then, the committee has received $1,300 in donations, bringing the treasury to $2,566.24. As indicated above, $200 of the amount has been approved for spending, with another $200 in donations to be received. The Executive Committee has also recommended the expenditure of an additional $1,500. If the recommendation is approved, the treasury balance will shortly be $1,066.24.

Letters to the Editor

I do not consider letters to the editor to be helpful. I believe only a narrow number of individuals read the letters and that those who read the letters have strong political views that will not be changed. Others smarter than I disagree with my view of letters to the editor.

One such smarter person is Sandip Dasverma. Sandip has organized a group that meets regularly to prepare letters to the Tri-City Herald editor. If any other Central Washington community is interested in forming a letters group, please feel free to contact Sandip for input: sandip.kumar.dasverma@gmail.com.

Congressional Action

The United States House of Representatives is entertaining some historic bills, that hopefully will be defeated, and, if not defeated, shunned by the United States Senate. The 1980 Hyde Amendment bans federal funding for abortions through Medicaid, except in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother’s life. A proposed Republican bill would define “rape” as “forcible rape.” A woman fed a date rape drug and a statutory rape victim would not qualify for assistance. A woman might also struggle to qualify for assistance unless she showed bruises, scratches, choke marks, and torn tissue. Recently Republicans backed away from this bill due to intense lobbying from Progressive organizations. We fear that the bill will return at a later date.

The House Republicans also seek to defund Planned Parenthood, Head Start, NPR, and PBS.

Please write your congressman. I am sure he will listen.

Your rickety chair


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