Chinese Church Outreach

This past Friday evening a Republican lawyer colleague invited me to address the Tri-Cities Chinese Alliance Church.  The colleague assigned me the topics of political party workings and the mechanics of running for office.  All of the church members are highly educated, with at least one family member holding a PhD in some science, and with some families having two spouses with doctorate degrees.


I kept my opening remarks nonpartisan, but two questions led to partisan responses.  A medical doctor asked why I ran against Doc Hastings?  I listed, among other reasons, that Hastings is not capable of independent thought, is a pawn of his party leaders, and failed to gain membership on committees helpful to central Washington, such as the Energy and Agriculture Committees.  The physician asked next if, assuming I won, could I gain membership on one or both committees?  I responded that, since I would be a target of the Republican Party in the following election, Democratic House leaders would likely assign me to at least one committee helpful to our district and that the Agriculture Committee is not a committee difficult to join.  I added that Hastings has seniority but still had not gained membership on a helpful committee.


A physicist intelligently commented, rather than asked, that Democratic office holders are better educated than Republican office holders.  I complimented the Chinese community for its devotion to education and smilingly agreed with the physicist’s comment.  I added that Democrats uphold the findings of science.  I could not help but mention that our wonderful congressman is a college dropout.




~ by wa4thcddems on February 27, 2011.

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