4th CD Democratic Caucus 9/25/09

Marcus Whitman Hotel, Walla Walla, September 25, 2009

Call to Order:  Following sign-in and introductions, Mary Stephenson, Yakima County Chair, called the caucus to order at 7:40 PM.

Election of Officers:  Mary opened nominations for Chair of the 4th Congressional District Democrats. Kathy Humphrey nominated George Fearing, seconded by Heidi Hill. There were no further nominations. George Fearing was elected unanimously.

George took over as chair of the caucus and opened nominations for Secretary. Leslie Wahl nominated Eleanor Hungate. There were no further nominations. Eleanor Hungate was elected unanimously.

George informed us that the 4th CD had approximately $2,000.00 in the bank.  He conveyed news that Tom Zeilman wished to resign from his position as Treasurer and had agreed to meet with the Chair and the new Treasurer to go over the accounts and make the transfer of records. George called for nominations for Treasurer. Mimi Latta nominated Kathy Humphrey, seconded by John Latta. There were no further nominations. Kathy Humphrey was elected unanimously.

Report of the Chair: George described our role as an organization, which included informing and facilitating the activities and friendships of democrats, as well as helping democrats get elected to local and state office throughout our district. He mentioned that State Representative Laura Grant does not reside in the 4th District. He added that a strong congressional candidate would have served in the state legislature and so we must keep trying to elect candidates at all levels.

Jay Clough, possible candidate, was introduced and spoke to thank us for the invitation to attend.

Jen Estroff spoke about the urgency of retaining active volunteers and providing them with training.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Eleanor Hungate, Secretary

Names of persons (26) attending, their county and LD:

Pat Braten                             Yakima -15

Walt Braten                          Yakima -15

Jay Clough                             Benton – 8            

Jim Cole                                 Kittitas -13

Lorrie DeKay                        Klickitat -15

Jen Estroff                             Kittitas -13

George Fearing                     Franklin – 9

Heidi Hill                              Benton – 8

Bob Hansen                          Klickitat -15

Kathy Humphrey Douglas -12         

Eleanor Hungate                  Yakima -14

Karen Keleman                    Douglas -12

John Latta                              Benton – 8

Mimi Latta                            Benton – 8

Roz Luther                            Skamania -15

Norm Luther                        Skamania -15

Carol McCormick                Chelan -12

Randall Miller                      Benton – 8

Madalyn Mincks                 Chelan -12

Tom Silva                             Yakima -15

Paul Spencer                         Skamania -15

Miata Spencer                      Skamania -15

Mary Stephenson                Yakima -14

Connie Swett                        Chelan -12

Amelia Veneziano               Benton – 8

Leslie Wahl                          Yakima -14

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