4th CD Committee Meeting 1/23/10

Central Washington University, Ellensburg, January 23, 2010

The meeting was Called to Order by George Fearing at 2:11 PM.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Approval of the Agenda was moved by Jen McCarthy, seconded and passed.

The Minutes of the Previous Meeting were corrected by John Latta and then duly approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Kathy Humphrey, Treasurer, reported that the bank account balance was $2,401.67. She was unable to prepare a written report due to traveling. George Fearing spoke of delays in opening a bank account. Documents still needed include the FEC organization as a political committee and a signed copy of the bylaws. Eleanor stated that she had found signed minutes that report the adoption of the 2005 Bylaws under which we now operate. The Chair ruled that no disagreements with the Bylaws would be entertained today as we have other business. The Chair requested a motion. The motion to have our current officers sign the existing Bylaws was made by Bob Parazin, seconded by Ernest Bensten and passed with more than a two-thirds majority.

WD Executive Committee Report:  John Hunter was not present to give a report.

Office Rental:  Eleanor Hungate moved that we sublet an office from the Yakima County Democrats. She answered questions about the space. An amendment was made to specify the time period to be the year 2010. The amendment was seconded and passed. The amended motion was seconded by Ernest Bentsen and passed. It reads as follows: The 4th CDDC agrees to sublet office space for the 2010 year at $150 per month from the Yakima County Democrats upon the Chairman’s acceptance of the terms of the lease. The money to be entirely raised through earmarked donations.

Credential Report:  David Weyeneth reported there were 57 people present, 33 were PCOs, 14 were additional voting members and 10 were observers. Kathy and David called the roll. Hannah Fredeen arrived after the roll. She made the numbers 58 present, 48 voting and 10 observing.

4th CD Candidate Endorsement

The Chair described the Washington State primary system. He informed us that, although WDCC will endorse a candidate, the CDDC has an opportunity to nominate someone and WDCC may defer to our choice or not. The dates for WDCC to act were January 30, June 26 or a later date. We would address the nomination in three separate steps at this meeting.

(1) Whether the 4th CDDC should ask the WDCC to postpone or whether we should approve of the WDCC selecting a nominee on January 30.

Mimi Latta spoke for a delay, noting that it may be too early to know which candidate will best reflect our views, that campaigns need time to garner input and develop organization and communication, that our group is small, our candidates are not well known and voters haven’t had much input. Doug Hageman stated that voting to delay is like voting to reelect the incumbent. He said there was no way to travel and meet enough people in the amount of time remaining unless the candidate begins now. The candidate needs to reach out now to unions and interest groups. Kathy Humphrey spoke to the difficulty of developing a dual urban/rural strategy encompassing ten counties and said we were shooting ourselves in the foot if we didn’t nominate today. Thor Lundh asked about our vetting process. It was moved, seconded and passed that we approve of WDCC endorsing a candidate on January 30th.

(2) Whether the 4th CDCC should recommend a nominee to the WDCC.

 It was moved, seconded and passed that we recommend someone to WDCC.

  (3) If the 4th CDCC should recommend a nominee, who should the 4th CDCC recommend?

 Lewis Picton and Jay Clough were each allowed seven minutes to speak on his candidacy. Fifteen questions were asked from the floor, each of them answered by both candidates. The order was decided by coin toss. The candidates were each allowed three minutes for supporters to speak. Mary Stephenson, EJ Juarez and Lorrie DeKay spoke for Jay Clough. Lewis had none present, but was allowed to speak for an additional minute on his own behalf.

 48 voting cards were distributed, marked and collected. Bob Parazin and Karen Keleman counted the votes while Doug Hageman observed.

 While the counting proceeded, George Fearing gave his Chair’s Report. We now have a website at wa4thcddems.wordpress.com. George suggested we cancel plans for an Annual McCormick-Inslee-Foley Dinner this year. After some discussion it was moved, seconded and passed that we would hold the dinner in April. The next meeting will be in March. Our meetings are vital because of the size of the district which is bigger than nine states.

 The result of the nomination vote was 45 votes for Jay Clough, 2 for Lewis Pixton and 1 did not vote. Having received more than a two-thirds majority, Jay Clough is our nominee. The 4th CDDC recommends that WDCC endorse Jay Clough for Congress.

 The meeting adjourned at 4:22 PM.

 Respectfully submitted,

Eleanor Hungate, Secretary

~ by wa4thcddems on February 7, 2010.

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