4th CD Central Committee Minutes 11/21/2009

Central Washington University, Ellensburg, November 21, 2009

The meeting was called to order by George Fearing, Chair, at 1:07 PM.

The pledge of allegiance was said.

The approval of the agenda was duly moved, seconded and passed.

The approval of the minutes of the previous meeting was duly moved, seconded and passed.

The Treasurer, Kathy Humphrey, reported that the bank account balance was $2,101.67. Signature authority for the bank account was requested. Jen Estroff moved that George Fearing and Kathy Humphrey shall be authorized as signators on the 4th CDDC’s bank account and that a check shall require both signatures for amounts of $500.00 or more. The motion was seconded and, following discussion, adopted.

Candidates Jay Clough and Thor Lund were introduced. They each spoke for five minutes and answered questions for an additional ten minutes. Questions ranged from the personal and their motivation, to rural issues, water issues, unions, education, jobs and the practicalities of a campaign.

The Chair, George Fearing, gave his report in writing. He noted that the website would be up shortly and that Paul George would be our press and media liaison. A plan to have a First Annual McCormick-Inslee-Foley Dinner in Yakima was announced. There has been one response to the essay contest on the topic of what it means to be a Democrat in Eastern Washington. George plans to send out a letter calling for $100.00 donations as part of a fundraising campaign. It was duly moved, seconded and adopted that we resolve as an organization to focus for this year on party building and goal setting.

Bob Parazin elaborated on handouts he had prepared on priorities for the organization, backed up with political demographic data and a summary of Hastings’ record. Jen asked about the win number. Kathy noted that 35-49 year-olds were not voting as much as older voters. Ellie mentioned bias in radio and other media. Kathy drew our attention to the handout she had prepared on guidelines for letters to the editor. EJ stressed the primacy of knocking on doors and Jen noted that the candidate needs to be genuine, to be himself. George called for a motion to adjourn.

 The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Eleanor Hungate, Secretary

Persons (28) attending:

Barbara Caylor

Ken Caylor

Jay Clough                                             

Jim Cole                                 

Dick Connolly

Jan Connolly

Mary Cook

Bill Deboard

Jen Estroff                             

George Fearing     

Hannah Fredeen

Douglas Hageman

Kathy Humphrey                 

Eleanor Hungate                  

EJ Juarez                               

Kathleen Kersey

Kathy Lund

Thor Lund

Jennifer McCarthy

Carol McCormick  

Madalyn Mincks                   

Bob Parazin                          

Jim Stephenson

Mary Stephenson 

Connie Swett                        

Leslie Wahl                           

Ellen Webb

David Weyeneth

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